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PharMethod's HCP Engagement Platforms provide our clients streamlined resources to address the challenges of today's highly regulated marketplace. Whether your goal is to extend the reach of your brand or you wish to train more efficiently, our platform solutions are proven to get results for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies.


A Secure, Branded, Market-Facing HCP Engagement Platform

The PharMethod MRC Platform expands the possibilities for a brand's impact, reach and awareness by leveraging promotional and educational assets and targeted outreach campaigns. Providing efficient access to on-demand content, the MRC platform gives marketing and sales professionals a continuous means to keep their brands front-of-mind.

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On Demand Content for HCPs
  • Video Assets & Custom Modules
  • Product Info & Testimonials
  • Promotional Brand Assests
  • Publications & Press Releases
  • PI/ISI
  • Customer & Patient Testimonials
Marketing Data Integration & Messaging
  • HCP Target Master & User Roster Integration
  • Registration Console with Customizable Fields
  • Targeted Campaigns for Key Market Segments
  • Customized Electronic Communications
  • Upcoming Programs Calendar
  • User Data Metric & Reporting

platform applications

PharMethod's HCP engagement software provides our clients streamlined resources to address the challenges of today's highly regulated marketplace. Whether your goal is to extend the reach of your brand, or you wish to train more efficiently, our HCP engagement solutions are proven to get big results for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies.While the applications for the PharMethod MRC are seemingly limitless, our clients have found great success in utilizing this software to tackle some of the most common challenges facing the industry to drive results for their brands.

Boost Impact of
Peer-to-Peer Programs

Implement On-Demand
Speaker Programs

Enable & Support
Field Sales Teams

Keep Brands Front-of-Mind for Key Customer Segments

Provide On-Demand
Learning for DIY-HCPs

Expand Access
to Brand Content

Omnichannel Initiatives

Amplify Share
of Voice

No-See Accounts

Cultivate Whitespace,
Grayspace & Vacant

What our customers say about the pharmethod mrc platform

"an extension of our speaker bureau..."

"We see the Media Resource Center as an extension of our speaker bureau and a way to extend the reach and impact of our live/virtual speaker programs. We share concise educational modules through the MRC with all our program attendees. Those who couldn't make it to the program can learn on their own time and are made aware of upcoming programs too."

"'rep multiplier' ..."

"I view the platform as a "rep multiplier." Our reps carry 20+ products in their bag, and all of them require a clinical sell. Due to time constraints and access issues, it is very hard for our reps to sell effectively across the portfolio. The Media Resource Center extends their reach and is a powerful tool they can use to deliver the right message to the customer despite these barriers."

"instant access to educational content..."

"Our customers expect instant access to educational content on our products and they do not want to explore corporate or brand websites to find it. The Media Resource Center enables them to quickly and easily obtain the information they want, whenever they want it."

training tracking and certify platform

"train, track & certify"

A Secure, Compliant Platform for Efficient On-Demand Training

The PharMethod TTC Platform creates an efficient path for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to train their speakers and associates in an efficient and compliant manner. By providing a secure online learning environment with controlled recurring content, the TTC offers efficiencies and documented results for recurring training protocols.

On Demand Training Content
  • Customized Video Assets
  • Education Modules
  • Case Studies & Articles
  • Study Guides & Instruction Materials
  • Custom Slide Decks & Locked Content
  • Link Videos to Associated Documents
Platform Attributes
  • Branded Portal & Permission-Based Access
  • User Profile Information Database
  • User Based Training Matrix per Module
  • Self-Paced Instruction
  • Electronic Certification Distribution
  • Reatime Activity Report Module for Trainee

platform applications

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical market, continuous training of internal and external participants is critical.


Sales Representative

Product Training

Clinical Training

Continuing Medical

Speaker Training

media production
& Creative services

PharMethod offers a broad range of production and creative services to support our pharmaceutical and medical device clients. From simple communication templates to polished video assets, our team provides results from design concept to implementation.

media production studio camera
Video Capture, Editing & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • On-Site & Offsite Studio Recordings
  • Web Stream Recordings
  • Post-Production & MLR Process Management
  • Video Transcription & Editing
  • Asset Configuring & Implementation
  • Pre & Post-Program Communications
  • Print & Digital Promotional Pieces
  • Custom Invitation Design
  • Script Writing
  • HTML Email Design & Coding
  • Email Templates for Programs
Attendee Registration, Tracking & Feedback
  • Registration Page Creation
  • Email & Call Center Recruitment Templates
  • Surveys & Polling Questionnaires
  • Banner Ad Placements & Reciprocal links
  • Unique QR codes for Links & Tracking
  • Live & Virtual Attendee Certification

implementation & outreach

Most importantly, we work with our clients to create results by integrating these assets efficiently into their current workstreams to assist them in accomplishing their goals. Whether it is an existing PharMethod platform or a new client initiative.


With a specialty in compliant HCP engagement, we combine state-of-the-art technology platforms with highly experienced industry personnel to assist our clients in navigating the regulated and increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace. A partner in every sense of the word to help you accomplish your goals.


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